Discover How to run a Successful Dental Practice?

Discover How to run a Successful Dental Practice?


Every dentist when start practicing wonders how to run a successful dental practice.

wootooth has got you 20 unrevealed tips on how to run a successful dental practice.

Address by names

address by name

Try to recall the names of the patients revisiting you.

Recalling patients by names help to build a good rapport with the patient.

Addressing the patient by name makes the patient feel the treatment more personalized, enhances the patient cooperation as well.

Computerized desk installation

computerized desk installation

All the patient’s data must be stored in a readily retrievable format. Computerized record keeping offers definite advantages in formatting, manipulation, and data retrieval.

What so ever is the patient information source,  it should begin with a registration form facilitates capturing the basic information.

Try to make a direct conversation with people rather than written communication.

Online reservation facility

online reservation

Provide an online reservation facility to book their appointments, this facilitates patients to book an appointment anytime anywhere.

Exercise Atraumatic or Digital Dentistry

digital dentistry

It’s not a dental procedure that terrifies a patient but thought of having needle pierced into the cheek.

Execute painless dentistry into your practice.

Digitalization makes the computer-assisted vision possible.

Use digital technology to enhance the delivery of patient care and improve the bottom line of practice.

Captivate patient

impressing patient

Engaging patients questioning the occupation help the dentist not only knows when the patient might be available for an appointment but also knowing the risk of developing an occupational hazard.

For instance, a person working in a cafeteria is more likely to develop caries and fluoride treatment can be a lifesaver for the teeth.

Interaction with the patient may reveal their hopes and fear.

Give the patient a chance to tell their own stories and reasons for visiting you.

Carefully listening to the patient will assist the dentist in determining dental awareness of the patient and how much education will be required to help patients understand their problem and what dentistry can do for them.

Most people have close friends or relatives whose judgment they value,  identify them during examination and if possible, gain some insight into their views.

Observing patient

observing patient

Watch the patient entering the operatory and sitting in the dental chair.

Are the patient’s movements sprightly or impaired?

Does the patient use a walking cane or tend to rest on furniture?

Does the patient appear to be short of breath?

Is the patient wearing a hearing aid?

This will help you execute with the design of proceeding further with the treatment plan.


stress free environment

Create a neat and stress-free environment with nice paintings and pleasant music.

Make the patient homely by offering water as soon as they walk in. Indulge kids patients with fun activities.

Greet every walk-in patient with a smile.

Adequate lighting is important to correct visual observations.

Ambient light should be diffused to prevent high contrast shadows. Task lightning should not produce any glare. Color balance is important not only for shade selection but also for correct evaluation of soft tissues.

Serve all as a family

serve all as a family
Treat every patient as our family member

A light touch should be used for most of the examinations.

Every possibility of saving a tooth should be explored and executed.

When a patient recognize that a dentist does not want them to lose their teeth, a necessary feeling of confidence is developed.

Even the patients who say they can’t wait to get rid of their teeth so that they won’t have to see a dentist anymore usually don’t really want to lose their teeth.

Often they are only trying to prepare their defenses against future difficulties they don’t understand.

Try to read between the lines for young female patients.

With the reasonable care and effort in patient management, most of the patients can be successfully treated.

Create the best experience with your best efforts.

Enlighten all the treatment options

educate patient with treatment choices

Educate patient with all the possible treatment choices.

Update patients with the latest technology.

Diagnosing the need for education is as important as diagnosing the need for treatment.

Educate the patient to understand the treatment plan, procedures, results, treatment to be provided, continuing care and dental fees.

Collect Informed consent

informed consent

Preeceding any surgical procedure without informed consent exposes the dentist to problems like loss of patient confidence to difficulty with fee collection or even to litigation.

Hire Well trained staff

well trained staff

Make sure office staff shares the same vision and goals for your practice. hire an employee to Answer phone calls for bookings.

Create an office culture.

Office staff must be aware of, that no patient information should be shared with others, neither through conversation nor through careless exposure on a computer screen.

Seek good dental lab

dental lab

A good prosthesis is a key to run a successful treatment and successful dental practice.

Request for Reviews

reviews from patients

Don’t hesitate to request a contented patient to share his/her review and testimonials for the clinic.

Reward your employees

reward your employees

Reward your staff with a percentage of profit this way they gain an interest in sales and practice.

Buzz Appointment reminder

appiontment reminder

Integrate text message, Email reminders and phone calls for the booked appointment.


dental camps

Organize or participate in dental camps whenever feasible to provide free healthcare. This aid in promoting your practice.

Conferences & Workshops

conferences and workshops

Nowadays, people google before visiting a dentist.

Keep yourself updated with technology through active participation in workshops and conferences. It makes feel patient more comfortable and confident about your skills.

Web marketing

web marketing

Drive your business with social media integration, online testimonial videos, promotional programming, and seasonal or topical content.

Complimentary follow-ups

free follow ups

Give n  number of follow up visits to complex dental procedures, this builds a patient trust in you.

Attend complications in non – working hours

available for any emergency in non working hours

Reassure patient that he/she can attend to you in case of an emergency or severe pain after any complex dental surgical procedure in non-working hours.

Start implementing so as to run a successful dental practice.

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