Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy

Saving your tooth from extraction with a root canal therapy!

A tooth is basically divided into two parts – visible part in the mouth called as crown and the invisible part below the gum line is the root.

A tooth is nourished by tiny blood vessels and nerves through the pulp. This pulp tissue enters and exits through the openings at the root tips.

Bacteria invades your tooth through a cavity or decay, reaches the nerve deep inside the pulp causing pain.

If detected early, it can be restored with a filling.

Delaying dental treatments leads to more problems.

Once it enters the pulp and reaches the nerve, you only left with the solution of the root canal therapy.

When a tooth is badly infected, a root canal therapy helps the tooth from spreading the infection.

Research has been going to regenerate a tooth using stem cells.

A root canal therapy restores the health of your damaged tooth.

Pulp containing blood vessels and the nerve is removed through an opening made in the tooth.

Canals with the pulp tissues are cleaned and disinfected.

Treatment may take two to three visits.

A single sitting root canal therapy is done by an endodontist.


Tooth undergoing a root canal therapy is first numbed.

A rubber dam may be placed throughout the procedure.

Infected area is removed by creating a hole on the top of the tooth.

Length of the tooth is measured through an x-ray.

The unhealthy pulp from inside is removed and cleaned with up and down twisting motions of the files.

In the next appointment, canals are sealed with an inert material.

After the inside of the tooth is treated, outside of the tooth is restored.

Since the inside of the tooth is vacated, the tooth becomes weak.

Strength is gained by covering and supporting the tooth with a cap.

After root canal therapy

You might feel slight pain for a day.

Your dentist may recommend you some pain killer.

Treat the tooth same way you would treat any other teeth.

Brush and floss your teeth regularly.

Visit your dentist in case you feel pain in your root canal treated tooth.

Wootooth advice you to have regular dental check-ups

Make your teeth as healthy as your body!  

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