Restorative Procedures

The strength of an amalgam filling is almost equal to a tooth.

Amalgam fillings are very cost effective.

The popularity of amalgam diminished with the invention of the composite.

A Dental crown is a cap that is put on to a tooth.

A dental crown is something that protects and restore the form and function of the tooth.

It’s probably the best procedure to save a tooth.

Gives you the perfect smile!

When you lose all your teeth, muscles sag and produces wrinkles.

Losing teeth make you look older. Complete dentures fill the space and make the wrinkles disappear.

Though dentures don’t give the feeling of natural teeth but help in chewing food and makes you look better.

When a tooth is badly infected, a root canal therapy helps the tooth from spreading the infection.

A root canal therapy restores the health of your damaged tooth.

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