Periodontal Flap Surgery

Tooth loosening in children is normal.

But what if you start losing teeth in your early 40’s.

Does your gums bleed?

A tooth loss in adulthood doesn’t occur without reasons.

Most of the cases, tooth loss is due to gum diseases. It happens when bacteria attack your gums and the surrounding bone.

Gum disease is usually a result of poor oral hygiene.

Well if you don’t brush and floss regularly, plaque gets accumulated underneath your gums.

Your gums start bleeding and become red and painful.

It’s possible to kill the infection and restore the health if caught early.

While if it is left untreated it leads to the destruction of bone.

Sometimes you get the feeling of food stuck in your gums. You have an urge of digging it out.

The space between teeth and gums is measured as pocket depth and is normally 1-3 millimeters.

Your dentist diagnose gum diseases by measuring this pocket depth.

Larger pocket depth indicates gum disease.

You may require special cleaning procedure called scaling and root planning to reattach gums to the teeth.

A periodontal flap surgery is when the dentist puts an incision in your gums pull, cleans the area and put it back.

When do you need a periodontal flap surgery?

To gain access to the deeper tissues for direct vision.

For relocation of frenum.

Pocket elimination and regeneration of damaged gum tissues.

When there is a need for crown lengthening.

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