10 Amazing Benefits of Ozonated Olive Oil in Day to Day Life

10 Amazing Benefits of Ozonated Olive Oil in Day to Day Life
benefits of ozonated olive oil

10 Benefits of Ozonated Olive Oil

Here are the 10 benefits of Ozonated Olive Oil

Scientists are warning that we could return to the “dark ages of medicine” soon where our drugs are ineffective against even the most basic of bacterial infections as more strains of bacteria become resistant to antibiotics.

Ozone (O3 ), is continuously produced in the stratosphere by UV radiation or during the electric discharge of lightning from atmospheric oxygen.

Ozone has the ability to oxide organic and/or inorganic compounds by reacting with them immediately.

So, Ozone may oxide plasma membrane of  bacteria, virus and fungus, and eventually shred these microorganisms. Therefore, Ozone has been used as a disinfectant for many years.

The Ozone actually helps to cleanse the air and although the gas alone is considered toxic and damaging to lung tissue when inhaled, when it is used more selectively it offers some significant benefits.

One of usage area for Ozone is medical Ozone therapy. In medical Ozone therapy, Ozone is produced by converting oxygen provided from 100% oxygen containing medical cylinder to Ozone by using a generator.

When the blood is Ozonated, Ozone reacts with all soluble antioxidants and poly unsaturated fatty acids and oxides them.

This mechanism suggested that some liquid oils may be used in treatment of various pathologies after ozonation.

This treatment potential may be existed thanks to the presence of unsaturated double bonds of fatty acids in these liquid oils that would be Ozonated.

As a result of reactivity of Ozone, Ozone oxides these double bounds and one oxygen atom joins unsaturated double bounds. I have shared my experience of using Ozonoid Oil along with the Dental Implant placement in one of my Case Studies and experienced excellent results .

Ozonated Olive oil is made by infusing a high concentration of Ozone in extra-virgin pure Olive oil.

When Olive oil is Ozonated suitably and sufficiently, it lost original color and eventually gains a colorless appearance just like water. Also density of oil increases in direct proportion with ozonation time.

So, together with an effective ozonation process, Ozonated Olive oil will be more transparent and viscous than extra virgin Olive oil gradually.

10 Benefits of Ozonated Olive oil (Ozone Oil)


Because it is an antioxidant , Ozonated Olive oil can also be used to eradicate some of the signs of aging like wrinkles and age spots. And makes you appear spotless and young.



If your muscles are sore and aching after a hard day on your feet or an intense workout session, you can rub your Ozonated Olive oil into your sore muscles to help ease the pain.



 If you have a cut or a wound, you may want to apply a small amount of Ozonated Olive oil to the site.

Simply dab a small amount of oil on the wound with a cotton swab. There is some evidence that the Ozone in the oil may kill the microorganisms that can cause infection and facilitate healing


Ozone oil can be used in baby diaper rashes

Ozonated Olive oil is a safe and natural treatment for your baby’s diaper rash. It contains none of the harmful chemicals found in some over the counter creams and should help ease your baby’s discomfort and ease any swelling or skin wounds.



It may sound odd but a dab of Ozonated Olive oil under the armpits can help you smell fresher for longer as it helps to oxidize the bacteria which leads to body odor.

Simply apply it under your arms and anywhere else that is prone to sweat and body odors.

Daily application of the oil to the armpits and other stinky areas may kill the bacteria that cause body odor.

For best results, use in tandem with frequent bathing.



If you are experiencing skin aliments like acne wash the skin around the affected area and apply the oil leave on for 20 minutes and promptly remove.

To properly combat these skin conditions, you will likely need to repeat this process daily or until your skin heals.


Ozone oil in removing Makeup
Ozone oil can be used for removing makeup and still adding glow!

 Use a cotton pad to gently wipe off your make-up, taking care not to scrub the sensitive skin around your eyes. Once you’ve cleared your eye make-up, wet your face and gently massage some oil onto your skin.

Don’t forget to cover your hairline and jawline, especially if you use foundation. Let the oil sit for about 15 seconds before washing it off. Pat your face dry with a clean towel.


Ozonated Olive oil is regarded as one of the best natural treatments for painful hemorrhoids. It has soothing qualities and anti-inflammatory properties that will help relieve the pain and heal any breakage in the skin.



If you suffer from Athletes foot or nail fungus, then Ozonated Olive oil may help. First, soak the feet in the bath or a bowl for ten minutes or so and then dry your feet making sure that you attend to the areas between your toes.

Once they are dried properly, apply your Ozonated oil around the affected areas of your feet and toes.

Repeat the process several times a week for at least 3 weeks even after the condition has improved.



I would never have thought that Olive oil was good for your teeth but if you are one of those people who would prefer to avoid those trips to the dentist, Ozonated Olive oil may be just what you need.

Experts recommend that you apply it to your gums with a cotton swab or a toothpick or even add a few drops to your toothbrush to brush your teeth with.

Ozone is a very powerful natural tool to stop Caries.

The good news is that dentists are having increasingly better abilities to control and prevent these gingival incursions.

Gingivitis, typically caused by diets laden with sugar and refined carbohydrates, is a growing issue today.

We can irrigate out the deep pockets around the roots using Ozonated water during debridement processes, then insufflate the deep, infected crevices with Ozone gas using fine cannulae, followed by placement of Ozonated oils for longer-term disinfection.

 Ozone is particularly well suited to the management of viral and fungal lesions. The pain and disfigurement of perioral herpetic infections is a good example.

Interestingly, around 25% of lesions treated with Ozone do not appear to recur. Both gas and Ozonated oils are well suited to managing viral infections.

Germs, often from carious processes, enter the tooth and progress deeper into the pulp or nerve. 

Ozone has been shown to be effective in eliminating these organisms as well as all others including viruses and fungi found inside roots.



If you want to make Ozonated Olive oil, you will need to buy an Ozone generator.

You can purchase a machine designed specifically for creating Ozonated Olive oil.

If you purchase the individual parts, you will need an Ozone generator, an Aerator, and a glass jar.

Pour about 8 oz (237mL) of Olive oil in a glass jar or the container that came with your machine.

If you are using your own jar, be sure to pick one that can be sealed with a lid.

Avoid using plastic containers that can contaminate your oil during ozonation. Look for bubbles in the oil.

As it is Ozonated, bubbles will appear in the oil.

These should be tiny bubbles, which facilitate the process of ozonation.

Large bubbles will not allow the transfer of Ozone into the oil. The ozonation process can take anywhere from one hour to three weeks.

The fully prepared Ozonated Olive oil should be clear and gel-like and smell like a freshly cut grass.

Cover it with a lid and place it in your refrigerator.

After being stored in the refrigerator, your Ozonated Olive oil should be good for up to 30 days.

You can also store it in your freezer for up to a year.

To buy your own ozone generator, click here.

I love the experience of ozonated olive oil for wrinkles, and dental practice.

For more about Ozonoid Oil in Clinical Dental practice, read our recent case study.

Happy Denting ,

Dr. SP

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