Ozonated Olive Oil for Teeth – Things You Never Knew

Ozonated Olive Oil for Teeth – Things You Never Knew

Can Ozonated Olive Oil helps you in relieving toothache?

Check out what wootooth has to tell you the magical effects of ozonated olive oil.


Ozone is the earth natural cleanser. Stratosphere layer of atmosphere contain ozone which protects us from UV radiations and also cleans the pollutant air which comes in contact with it.


Ozone has anti-microbial, immunostimulant, analgesic, antihypnotic, detoxicating properties.

Ozone causes deactivation of bacteria, virus, fungi, yeast and protozoa, basically all micro-organisms.

Ozone at a concentration of between 30-50microgram/cc increases the production of interferons, thus activating the immune system.

Ozone therapy has a wide range of applications in treating many diseases due to its unique properties.



All you need to do is putting high quality, extra-virgin olive oil putting through the process of ozone injection.

Ozone is a reactive gas and hard to stabilize. So by passing it through a tight ozone resistant container, ozone gas began to stabilize in olive oil.

Which one is the best?

Several companies are manufacturing ozonated olive oil at different prices. You need to look for the one using cold plasma ozone generator and not for the cheap corona discharge one. In dentistry, we often use the heal ozone and ozotop.

You can even make your own ozonated olive oil at home.  Check out in 10 benefits of ozonated olive oil.


What is ozonated olive oil paste?

An off-white colored paste made through a much more extensive procedure.

Amount of oxygen and ozone saturation level is greater than any of the liquid form.

Also, paste form has long time release which can last upto 12 hours or more.

Ozonated olive oil paste has excellent results on skin especially for wrinkles.

Ozonated olive oil for teeth-

Mobile teeth

Ozonated olive oil paste if applied weekly once after scaling and root planning on gums can decrease the grade of mobility of teeth.


Oral mucosal lesions

If you are suffering from candidiasis, sore mouth, herpes and even stress induced apthous ulcer, we have good news ozonated olive oil shows excellent results. As it enhances wound healing and increase turnover rate of oral cells.

You don’t even have to go to pharmacy stores to search for it; you can even buy it online. For gums and mucosal lesions you can try this one out, by clicking here.

Even ozonized water if applied on a daily basis fastens the healing process in oral cavity.


Ozone oxidizes pyruvic acid( produced by cariogenic bacteria) to acetate and carbon dioxide.

Ozone therapy has proven excellent results in treating dental caries.

Not only treating the caries, ceasing caries upto 3 months in a high risk individual.

For teeth

Management of pits and fissure caries

Deep pits and fissures entraps the food hence houses the bacterial growth. Ozone application in such cases is highly effective.                                   

In order to permit ozone to readily access the bacteria and caries, cleansing the fissures is done prior to ozone treatment.                                                                                                       

After the ozone gel is applied, remineralising agent and sealing of fissures is recommended. As ozone removes the smear layer leaving behind the occluded dentin.

For restorative treatment

Ozone can be used as a prophylactic antimicrobial agent prior to placement of etchant and sealant.     

                                                                                       Ozone has a strong bactericidal effect on microorganisms within dentinal tubules of deep cavities, when applied for a longer time. 

After placing bleaching paste in the pulp chamber of non-vital teeth, ozone exposure for 3-4 mins is best for crown discoloration.

Management of root caries

Regular application of ozone for 40 s and use of remineralizing products shows marked reversal and arrest of shallow non-cavitated root caries.

Root canal treatment

Ozone gas, ozonated water, and ozonated oil are used into root canals after traditional cleaning, shaping, and irrigation.                                        

Intracanal gas circulation of ozone at a flow rate of 0.5-1.1/min with the net volume of 5gm/ml used for 2-3 min destroys pathogenic microbes in the root canal.                                         

Ozonated water can be used as intracanal irrigant. In necrotic canals, ozonated olive oil can be used as intra canal dressing reducing the marked anaerobic odor emanating from infected teeth.

Hypersensitive teeth

Attrition, abrasion, erosion may cause wearing away of enamel and dentin causing hypersensitivity from hot or cold or even air sometimes.                                   

Ozone application has been effectively reducing sensitivity of not only exposed enamel and dentin, even to root sensitivity.                                                                                                   

 Ozone applied for 40-60 seconds reduces pain in sensitive teeth by removing the smear layer and opening the tubules. Remineralizating agent applied afterwards to close the dentinal tubules.

Periodontal disease

Avulsed teeth when irrigated with ozonized water for 2 mins cleans the root surface contamination with no adverse effects on periodontal cells on the tooth surface.                                                               

Ozonated water is highly effective in killing both gram positive and gram negative bacteria. It is used to irrigate the periodontal pockets prior to perform scaling and root planning.                                                                                         

In the patients with aggressive periodontitis and acute necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis ozonated olive oil has shown good results.

Radiotherapy, chemotherapy patients

Ozone therapy in both aqueous and gas forms has shown excellent results in mucositis, enabling patient to eat normally and improving their quality of life.

Implant failure individuals

Ozone therapy is effective in curing periimplantitis by decontamination of the implant surface, its surrounding tissue, and prevention of recolonization with periodontal pathogenic bacteria.

Chronic osteomyelitis patients

Exposure to medical grade ozone promotes more complete and rapid normalization of T- cell immunity. It serves as a rapid cure in patients with chronic mandibular osteomyelitis. Ozone can be used as an alternative to hyperbaric oxygen therapy.                                             

 Ozone is also recommended as a therapeutic treatment in bisphosphonate related osteonecrosis of jaw.

After Wisdom tooth surgery

Ozone enhances wound healing and facilitates oxygen release in tissues. Hence improves blood supply to ischemic areas and even reduces post operative pain.

Child patient

Ozone application is a very quick, easy and effective painless procedure to perform and can be used to treat open carious lesion in anxious children.

Braces treatment

People generally complain of sensitive teeth after orthodontic treatment. Sometimes 4 weeks within orthodontic treatment, visible white spot lesions are developed.

Ozonated olive gel is effective in reducing that demineralization around orthodontic bracket without affecting the bonding properties.

Ozonated olive oil is an excellent medicament having unique properties of immunostimulant, analgesis,antimicrobial and is biosynthetic. Ozone therapy has a wide range range of application not only in every field of dentistry but for wrinkles and skin as well.

It is an ideal treatment of choice for kids due to its relative absence of discomfort and non-invasive nature.

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