Gingival Retraction Paste

Gingival Retraction Paste

Gingival Retraction Paste

Struggling on chair to put thread inside the sulcus doesn’t sounds all that easy.

After a lot sweat struggle and some research in the process gets me to share this with you .

“Its much easier to syringe it instead than packing the cord in except when you have deep subgingival margins.”

After a series of tests and on hands use , the following article describes about my experiences with the mentioned Techniques/Products for the perusal of general audience and for more experienced practitioners.

A new class of Gingival Retraction materials have been introduced. These are cordless retraction materials, e.g, Expasyl (Kerr); Racegel (Septodont) Traxodent (Premier); GingiTrac (Centrix) and can provide excellent hemostasis and Gingival Retraction.

The best part is that these materials are   non-traumatic, allow non-invasive tissue management and Hemostasis in the Gingival Sulcus for fixed prosthodontic impressions and can be used with a compression cap, retraction cord or used alone.

This can be done in either of five different ways.

     1.Expa-syl system

The introduction of Expasyl by Kerr Corporation brings dentists a product providing a way to overcome difficulties. The system has got a specially designed gun with a haemostatic agent in a cartridge.

A Greencolored magical paste (combination of KAOLIN and 15% aluminum chloride) is syringed into the crevicular space . It does not pose hazard of rupturing epithelial attachment.

Time and performance efficient as retraction is achieved as quickly as -2 minutes. Piece of cake!!

For info brochure click here

  1. Magic foam cord

It’s a magical cord being first ones to be using expanding material  (Vinyl Polysiloxane) into the gingival sulcus. Circular foams are supplied along with the material which is contoured to the shape of gingival sulcus and are  available in three sizes.

The patient is advised to bite on a cap (Comprecap) while maintaining the pressure on for 3 minutes. Keep the patient interactive by engaging in  conversation with the patient at this stage.

Meanwhile, material slightly expands during setting and produces exceptional lateral and vertical displacement.

The cap and foam are removed after 5 minutes and the tooth is set for the final impression.

The material is easy to separate from the sulcus.

But it comes with a drawback of limited clinical indications, no hemostasis provided and also being the  most expensive cords in the segement.

Its actually less effective on subgingival margins.

Sometimes, Intraoral tips provided may be too bulky for  adequate injection of material into the gingival sulcus.

  1. Merocel

Mercocel retractions strips are synthetic material that is specifically chemically extracted from a polymer Hydroxylate Polyvinyl Acetate that creates a net like strip without debris or free fragments thereby creating dry envoirnment.

Interesting fact is that it does not require local Anesthesia and permits sufficient gingival retraction for subgingival finish line and sulcus.

Scanning electron microscopy proves the same thing revealing absence of fibres therefore, reducing the risk of post-operative complications.

  1. Gingitrac

Gingitrac comes with a preloaded syringe to apply the paste around the margins.

The gingival retraction paste contains Aluminium Sulphate as astringent, and if necessary, you can apply a hemostatic agent prior to its use. For single tooth use, a cap is used to apply pressure for up to 5 minutes after application of paste.

The cap is first filled with the paste, and then placed over the tooth and paste is syringed around the margins. For multiple tooth preparations, a plastic tray is first used and held for 3-5 minutes.

For both single and multiple tooth preparations, gingival retraction is through the application of pressure. The paste is removed before taking impression.

  1. Racegel

Racegel is a new hemostatic agent that controls bleeding and absorbs Crevicular Fluid(25% Aluminium Chloride, Oxyguinol and excipients) .

Due to its thermodynamic characteristics, the material’s viscosity increases upon contact with the tissues. The Aluminum Chloride is clinically proven for its astringent properties.

The bright Orange colour makes it easy to dispense, place and rinse. The gel requires no retraction cord. Owing to its thickness it rinses away in a short period of time.


Ignorance is no bliss.

Gone are the days where a new technique was considered sceptic .

The present day technological advances and more informed era armed with all the research is making bold decisions of using the best available techniques and technologies to reduce errors and is endeavored towards more patients’ comfort with the ease of procedures for the dentists.

So instead of struggling with cord. Its convenient to use syringe and place it into sulcus.

But again comfort comes with money.

Switch to cordless retraction, make patient smile with atraumatic retraction.

There is no pride in being old school. Being aware and informed about the available options and choosing the best for the implementation for your case is what makes you in to a better dentist.

Wishing you best,

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