Dr. Sangeeta Poriya – A Dental Blogger

Dr sangeeta poriya

Dr. Sangeeta Poriya is a certified Implantologist from British Council.

Dr. Sangeeta Poriya is currently studying specialisation in Prosthodontics and has been awarded with a number of Awards for her Academic and Dental Knowledge.

Dr. Sangeeta Poriya is an avid Sportsperson and loves cycling, Dogs, and nature.

Apart from being an active Social worker, Dr. Sangeeta Poriya has been Counselling numerous students.

The most important part being a Doctor, be it any field, is what do you look at your patients as.

For me, Patients approach you as the person who’s going to fix their problems.

It is important that if not as God, just think of them as your family members.

Right advise.

Right follow up and briefing a little on what procedure are they about to undergo.

This relation of trust , between a patient and a doctor goes a long way in smbiotic approach towards fruitful diagnosis.

This is the era of change.

The world around you is changing faster you can acknowledge.

The traditional age-old methodology is being overtaken by the latest improvements in the field of healthcare.

The technology available today Enables a smoother experience visiting a dentist than expressed in old English textbooks.

The Latest Equipment and products enable the professionals with a much accurate and precise to follow up which is not only serving the diverse particular needs of a myriad of patients but also taking care of aesthetics.

Painless procedures with Least recurring visits should be the ultimate solution to your dental problems.

And towards this, we are committed.

Our Satisfaction as a dentist lies in resolving your problems in a more permanent way.

We dislike your coming here as much as you do (:P). But, We can’t see you in pain!

Apart from Topping courses and blogging or being subjected to occasional tantrums from her Husband on giving more importance to patients than required,  Dr. Sangeeta Poriya is usually found in the Himalayas, or a waterfall, or a beach.

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