Give Me 10 sec and I’ll Give you a digital X-Ray

Give Me 10 sec and I’ll Give you a digital X-Ray

You dont have to be pro to take an x-ray. See how easily you can take a digital x-ray.

No surgical or restorative dental treatment is possible without an x-ray.

Digitalization in radiography is a boon to dentistry.

The day is not far when auto robes will be doing dental procedures.

The era of standing in dark room and changing solutions has come to an end.

No more putting a file during root canal and waiting for x-ray film to come. And most often repeating x-rays due to processing errors. Time is the most valuable asset and those who value it achieve success.

Now everything comes on the screen with a single click.

Steps in a digital x-ray

  • Placing a sensor covered with a disposable plastic sheet in the patient’s mouth.
  • Radiation exposure
  • Analyzing the display of a digital image on the screen.

Pros of a digital x-ray

Enhanced image

good contast digital image

Enhance the x-ray image capabilities by with a superior gray-scale. With a resolution up to 256 colors of gray.

Good contrast helps in the easy demarcation of any pathologic changes in the tissues.

With digital x-ray, the demarcation of the root of upper molar and sinus becomes smooth.

Easy Storage and transport

save it google cloud or email it

You can store up to 30,000 images.

The images can be even uploaded to the cloud.

Easy transportation of x-ray as you can keep them in mobile phones.

Less time taking

digital x-ray image comes on big screen

Most patient’s get amazed how Image appears instantly and get impressed with the size

Less time while taking a digital x-ray, increases your work efficiency

Now, no running for processing of x-ray

Measuring tools help in exact measurement for implant placement in no time

Zero Processing errors

processing errors

Say Goodbye’s to all the processing errors

No need to check for change in temperature or concentration causing processing errors

Digital x-ray an Eco-friendly approach

no chemical pollution

No chemicals required for processing thus creating less pollution


share digital x-ray for discussion

Share the x-ray file with your colleague for reviews or case discussion

No darkroom required

no waiting in dark room

Space in the dental office can be useful for other purposes.

No need of thermometer, timer or a drying rack

Low x-ray exposure

low x-ray exposure

3-4 times less radiation exposure in digital x-ray as compared to conventional

Impress your patients by telling them, they are getting 90% less radiation exposure

Educate patient

dentist educating a patient

Large image coming on the screen cant help patient but to get involved with the diagnosis.

You can magnify an image up to 300%

Patient gains much confidence in doctor by using improved technology

Cons of digital x-ray


A digital x-ray is quite expensive. It cost you around $3,500 for a good one.

System crash

You cant continue the treatment with an x-ray if your system crash.

Unknown sensor lifespan

A life span of a sensor is still unknown to us

Lacks precision

Enlargement of the image on a big screen lacks the precision of the image.

A digital x-ray is an invaluable investment to a successful dental practice.

It is a perfect choice to take the first step towards digital dentistry.

I am so fortunate and blessed to have a better dental practice with a digital x-ray

My favorite is Gendex GX700.

Let us know yours….

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