Crown Lengthening – Get a whole new smile!

Crown Lengthening – Get a whole new smile!

Correct gummy smile with crown lengthening

It is a minor surgical procedure to reform gum tissue and bone.

Crown lengthening is the most demanded cosmetic dental procedure by people desiring long teeth.

I have experienced patients asking me to correct their gummy smile.

It is usually done by a dentist when the teeth have gone below the gum line.

In some cases, your dentist needs to remove gum tissues or a small amount of bone to place a crown.

A properly fit crown allows better oral hygiene and ease of cleaning.


When to perform crown lengthening?

Crown lengthening is done for preparing an area to repair an injured tooth.

For removing the extra gum tissues with unusual short teeth.

Detaching extra gum tissues to boost the pleasing look of a smile.

To create space lacking for a new crown.


The area is first numbed.

A small cut is made to dispart gum tissues from the teeth.

If required a minimal amount of bone may be separated from the teeth.

Gums are repositioned and stitched back.

Your dentist prescribes you chlorhexidine mouthwashes and painkillers.

It takes 4-6 weeks for complete healing.

Complications of crown lengthening

All surgical procedure comes with a little risk of infection.

Smoking causes delayed wound healing and increases the possibility of developing an infection.

Sensitivity to hot and cold because of exposed roots which ease with time.

After care

It takes 6 weeks to complete healing process. However, it will not affect your daily life.

If possible avoid gym for 1-2 days as it may cause bleeding to the surgical site.

Your dentist will most likely prescribe you painkillers.

You may be advised to take antibiotics.

In case you get swelling after the crown lengthening procedure, you can use ice pack over the area on the skin.

If the swelling still persist, hot pack will work the same.

Brush gently over the area.

Eat cold food items for the first day. It will help reduce swelling.

Maintain a good oral hygiene to avoid infection.

Are you looking for a new smile?

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