Complete Dentures

Complete Dentures

Complete dentures for a whole new smile!

When you lose all your teeth, muscles sag and produces wrinkles. Losing teeth make you look older. Complete dentures fill the space and make the wrinkles disappear.

A complete denture is a pair of custom made teeth that can be removed and put back in the mouth by oneself. They replace upper, lower teeth and part of tissues in the mouth.

Though complete dentures don’t give the feeling of natural teeth but help in chewing food and makes you look better.

It’s hard to imagine speaking and smiling without any teeth.

But a dentist or a prosthodontist can offer you a solution to your problem.

You feel like smiling again after getting dentures. Complete Denture improves facial appearance and self-confidence.

Wearing complete dentures for the first time?

You may feel a little awkward initially.

You may notice a change in the way you speak or eat.

One of the drawbacks of wearing a complete denture could be an alteration in taste sensation.

Due to acrylic, a material used for fabrication of a denture you may not be able to feel hot or cold.

In the beginning, your complete dentures are of exact fit but you may realize looseness over time. Bone starts resorbing after tooth loss resulting in a change in the mouth. This may require you to visit your dentist for readjusting or relining.

You may need denture adhesive if your dentures are too loose.

Looking for a permanent solution?

A dental implant is a permanent solution as it replaces both tooth and root.

Looking after your complete dentures

We advise you to wear your complete dentures all the time for the first 24 hours to get used to them.

You can remove them later on while sleeping as it allows your gums to rest.

If your dentures are not in your mouth than they should be in water or cleanser solution.


Denture cleaning should be done as you would brush your teeth.

Know how to clean your dentures at home.


Usually the whole process takes 5 appointments to finish off a complete denture.

Primary impression, final impression, jaw relation, trial of the waxed denture, insertion/ delivery of a complete denture.

Modern ways of complete dentures

Complete dentures in just 3 appointments

This is done by replacing the heat cure material with light cure resin for the tray. Thereby eliminating the lab procedures associated with the traditional method.

How do you do it?

Taking primary, final impression and jaw relation record in the first appointment.

Try in of the waxed denture in the second appointment.

In the third appointment, a complete denture is delivered.

Visible light cure material is used for taking an impression on a polycarboxylate tray. The impression is then put in a light cure box for 3-5 minutes for curing.

If you don’t have a polycarboxylate tray

Primary Impression is made with putty on a metal stock tray. 1-2 mm of material is scraped off, a sheet of visible light cure material laid over the impression. After removing the excess, place in light curing box for 3-5 minutes.

The cured impression is then removed from the tray.

A bite registration is made after measuring vertical dimensions.

Using impression as a tray, a secondary impression is done using zinc oxide eugenol paste and border molding with green stick compound.

Both impressions can be done simultaneously using closed tray impression technique.

The patient is guided into centric relation record.

The relationship is recorded with bite registration paste.

The only drawback of this technique is it is bit expensive and requires additional curing unit.

Complete dentures in just 2 days

With the CAD/CAM technology, everything is done in fractions of a second.

Every step is done in the first appointment.

Placement of denture in next appointment.

Happy go, lucky patient!

How long does a denture last?

As you age your mouth changes. A loose denture makes it difficult to eat or speak. Over a time period, when this happens you need to get your denture relined.

Know the problems associated with complete dentures.

Check out our incredible post denture education programme.

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